Monday, April 23, 2007

New Uses for Coffee Cozies

I have this compulsion to crochet coffee cozies. I've made dozens and no two are alike. So far 2 designs are published, one in Crochet Today! and one by Berroco (scroll down to see pics in righthand column). It's a fun way to turn a swatch into something or to use a small amount of highfalutin' yarn that I'll see and touch a lot. I never have to use a cardboard coffee sleeve again--they're ugly, boring, and wasteful, and so is the doubled-up paper cup. The colors and textures of a crocheted cozy, on the other hand, fire up some brain neurons while the fresh-roasted coffee fires others.
I have too many now, so the ones I haven't given away have little jobs to do. My first attempt at felting a cozy works well as a bungee thingee in my car. The cup holder in my car was SO LAME until I stuck a coffee cozy on it. Now things are bungeed to it.
A coffee cozy that I made in a basket shape (has a bottom) out of stiff hemp is a perfect place for my sunglasses. I have also put crochet hooks in it in a pinch.
Exhibit C demonstrates the way a coffee cozy is the perfect size for keeping a ball of crochet thread from unwinding. (Even though this cozy has an open bottom, the thread doesn't fall out.) I first discovered this use when I had a cozy in my purse and wanted to throw a ball of crochet thread in there but didn't want it rolling around.
Some other uses for coffee cozies are:
- Tunnel for pet hamster
- Experimental sleeve cuff swatch
- Wrist cuff, watch band --see Robyn's "Beer Bracelet"


  1. Anonymous5:44 PM

    How about mits for holding the steering wheel in summer when the car's been in the sun? ;-)

  2. cuties... I love your design...


  3. Thank you Thata! Wait 'til you see one that's coming out in a book soon. It has bonus features.

    Anonymous: I love it! Mitts! Maybe they could be equipped with rubbery treads for a sure grip LOL!


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