Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kooky Approaches!!

Here are appetizers of some designs I did for the forthcoming book Kooky Crochet. You're looking at fingering weight alpaca, silk, cashmere, and merino. Tasty?
For dessert, some Jelly Yarn(R). What kooky crochet book would be complete without it?
An advance copy of the book has been sighted at the publishing house!!
The rest of the copies (mine for example) are on the cargo ship. I'm having trouble waiting! Consider some of the designers: Marty Miller! Tammy Hildebrand! Gwen Blakley Kinsler! Myra Wood! Pam Shore! Jennifer Hansen! Drew Emborsky! Regina Gonzalez! Sharleen Morco! Sharon Mann! (Someday I hope to meet the rest.)

Kooky designs are a BLAST to do. Wouldn't a "Kooky Volume II" be swell?


  1. Whoa -- interesting -- I can tell this novice crocheter has a lot to learn!

  2. Hi Karen, I enjoyed your blog and it's hard to believe you're a novice crocheter! Beautiful projects.


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