Thursday, May 30, 2013

New Spring and Summer Crochet Patterns

Lots going on so I'm popping by to show you:

A. The view of red bananas and jumbo frangipani from the window of my sunny crochet studio:
At left in the background is Frangipani.
Omg it smells like vanilla cream pastry with jasmine candies!

See the stalk of new bananas in the foreground to the right,
just above the giant red banana flower? (That's a banana leaf
in the upper left corner, and a small mango
behind the tip of the banana flower)
Fish Lips Lace in the process of
becoming a pullover shrug. 
Fish Lips: The Scarf

B. Here's a heads up about my new crochet designs coming out in about a week! 

On the indie front, ol' DesigningVashti-Vashti is finalizing the oddly compelling Fish Lips Lace Shrug pattern pdf.

C. Because it is subterraneously related to the Fish Lips design, I'm also finalizing the peculiarly pleasing Bare Bones Game Scarf Technique pdf. A taste of that one, below. 
Look at how that yarn rises to the Bare Bones challenge! It's a custom color way created by Lorna's Laces for my local yarn shop.
The Bare Bones Game

Ennis Tunisian Filet Shawl
D. Lots of Vashti in the summer issue of Interweave Crochet magazine! I can blog about it now that previews are up. (Note: All links for the following designs go to my Ravelry project pages until the publisher starts creating actual design pages.) 

Magazine copies are officially available on newsstands on June 17, but I think they get mailed out to subscribers before then; also, you can instantly download the digital edition.

Sister Act seamed as a cutaway shrug
First, Ennis (click & scroll down that page to see all photos): it's a Tunisian triangular filet lace shawl in summery SWTC Bamboo yarn. 
My Ennis Ravelry project. Earliest Ennis prototype called "Quartz Wrap."

Then, love knots galore! Sister Act (click & scroll down that page to see all photos) is a shawl that easily converts to a bolero-style shrug. I used a vintage love knot pattern for it. 
My Sister Act Ravelry project. See it in lustrous white: earlier Sister Act prototype called "Palestrina Convertible."

Electra Wrap
Electra Wrap  (click 'n scroll down that page to see all photos) is a gossamer quilt of love knot stars! Yes! You can see the magazine photos and project supplies list here. I've uploaded some of the photos to the Flickr set so far. Electra Wrap Ravelry page.
Nakshatra Ravelry page (its prototype).

The beaded ensemble of Dragonfly, Seagrapes, and Sambuca Cords illustrate three valuable ways to crochet beads into love knots as you go. They accompany the love knot article I wrote for the issue: "Beyond the Basics: Crochet Amore." When you see that article, you'll see why I love to teach love knot classes, AND why I love to use love knots when demonstrating all the ways to add beads to any crochet stitches!
Dragonfly Ravelry project page.
The Amores: Dragonfly, Seagrapes, & Sambuca Cords
Seagrapes Ravelry project page.
Sambuca Ravelry project page.

Want to see a close up of the frangipani flowers? I posted one of my early morning pics in my NEW RAVELRY GROUP. It's in honor of birthday girl cleverbritches, who founded the group just a few weeks ago. I hope you will join and say hello (or Happy Birthday) if you visit.