Monday, April 16, 2007

Satin Ribbons Ponchini: Visual Aids

This design appeared in the November 2006 issue of Crochet! magazine (scroll down to see official photo in righthand column of this blog). The yarn is "Pizazz" by Caron and I loved working with it because the stitches plump up and have a rich look and feel. So naturally I swatched up some puff stitches as you can see in the swatch. In those vivid colors the stitches look like gems to me.
In the more muted rose shades the puff stitches looked more like rosebuds--I wish I had a close-up pic of those. I found a stitch pattern in a Japanese stitch dictionary that I modified so that the puffs are puffier and so that it could be worked in the round.


  1. Love the yarn, the color is so vibrant!

  2. Hi Pam, I thought I wasn't going to like crocheting it when I first saw it on the ball! Back then I hadn't seen anything made with it, and I thought this ribbon yarn was going to be too wide to look good. Thank goodness I swatched it up, now it's my fav ribbon yarn! And it's not stiff or bulky at ALL, just lots of rich silky drape.
    Because it's so wide it's great for weaving through stitches too.
    Amazing how different a yarn can seem once you start swatching it up.


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