Tuesday, July 24, 2007

CGOA Conference: The Fashion Show

Or, There's a Story Behind Them Chaps".

These lacy leggings are repurposed sleeves, rescued from my personal Swatchpile of Obscurity after being asked to remake them in a different color just before I left for the conference. Who knew that they would also be the perfect size for leggings? I wanted to wear them in the fashion show as pants legs because the color would show up on the runway and I rarely see crocheted pants. (Captioned photo taken by designer Mary Jane Hall. Thanks so much MJ, it's a keeper!)

I don't know what made me think I'd crochet the upper part of the pants while at the conference. I went to the Tahki Stacy Charles -sponsored 24-hour crochet lounge to make progress but of course gabbed the whole time with friends. Heck, strangers too.

By the afternoon of the fashion show, I was disappointed in my progress and mentioned it in Joan Davis' Merry Go Round the Pi class to Dee Stanziano. Nancy Cornell, sitting on the other side of me, saw me bring out the sleeves and put them over my pants legs. (I don't think I was being disruptive, the class went on break.) They started making the GROOVIEST suggestions! The moment Nancy suggested the garter idea my fashion show dream revived like a phoenix from the ashes. No problem crocheting garters and a garter belt in an hour or two! (Although I was frantically weaving in ends minutes before I went on.) Not only that but crocheted-garter-belt-as-outerwear? Trendsetting!

I just LOVE what Noreen Crone-Findlay wrote about them in her blog. She's a witness that I did try to make progress on the pants. And check out Dee's photos at her blog where she said I "rocked the house"! Like Doris said, "Yee-haw!" It was really fun.

I'm starting to get comfortable with being on a raised runway with hundreds of people looking at me (well, looking at what I'm wearing). Nancy Cornell helped me with this too. She said, "There's always plenty of Beautiful up there. What everyone remembers though is the Outrageous. Go ahead, be Outrageous."