Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Dark Side of Crochet

The Samhain issue of The Anticraft is up! (This link goes to the only crochet pattern offered in this issue and is G-rated; just in case any kids read this blog, there's a bit of profanity to avoid in the title of another pattern.)
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and despite design deadlines crowding my brain, I started the day wondering what the Dark Side of crochet might be. All I came up with was that when I design something, even if it....
  1. is a fun design to do and is likely to be fun for others
  2. looks lovely/hip/sophisticated/whatever is my goal
  3. can be used for the purpose it was intended (the sweater really does fit, the things that must lay flat really do, a handbag holds its shape and holds stuff inside, etc)
....Even if these can be counted as successes for the design, there is one more, and if it is not met, I could dramatically call it the Dark Side of Crochet:

4. Is crocheting it an improvement over using another method to create it? (Same goes for knitting!)

In other words, when you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail. But you know what? I'm not going to argue that this is the dark side of crochet unless by dark we're talking dark pink, because some of the most creative, rebellious, refreshing, and truly artistic crochet designs do not meet that last requirement. (Same goes for knitting.) So instead of posting about a Dark Side of Crochet, in honor of Halloween (one of my fav holidays) at least I can give you the link to The Anticraft. I also have a felted ghost bunny drying, like I have any time to be making ghost bunnies!


  1. Anonymous4:31 PM

    Hey Vashti! I checked out the Anticraft site-too cool! Thanks for the info. I'll be reading your blogs.

  2. Hi Nathalie! When you comment on my blog you don't seem so far away! Funny how that works. Reality can be so virtual sometimes.


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