Friday, June 15, 2007

TNNA Report #2: Illusion Crochet Class

I took one class at the TNNA show: Illusion Crochet taught by Darla Fanton (a first-rate crochet teacher by the way! It's no wonder her illusion crochet class is already sold out at the upcoming CGOA conference).
This technique has exciting possibilities and I enjoyed its unique rhythm. It's a new way to experience crochet. The second photo shows what the back looks like.

Sometime during the 3-hour TNNA class Darla mentioned that people won't finish the project during class, and I privately turned that into a challenge. Turns out that my designing cohorts, Marty Miller and Drew Emborsky, did too. Maybe we get conditioned to crochet for deadlines? The good news is that I did indeed finish with time to spare; the bad news is, I came in THIRD! I'm pretty sure Drew came in FIRST.

If I were a better blogger I'd have a photo here contrasting the 3 potholders done by Drew, Marty, and me, all with size H/5mm hooks: all three potholders were different sizes! It's the infamous "Crocheter's Hand" effect. (None of us were aiming for a stated gauge so it means our native gauges were all different.) Not only that but earlier, I had to rip out the first 4 rows and start over because the class started at 8 a.m. and when do I ever crochet at 8 a.m.? My starting gauge was changing as I warmed up. I wonder if my 8 a.m. gauge would have matched Marty's....