Friday, June 15, 2007

TNNA Report #2: Illusion Crochet Class

I took one class at the TNNA show: Illusion Crochet taught by Darla Fanton (a first-rate crochet teacher by the way! It's no wonder her illusion crochet class is already sold out at the upcoming CGOA conference).
This technique has exciting possibilities and I enjoyed its unique rhythm. It's a new way to experience crochet. The second photo shows what the back looks like.

Sometime during the 3-hour TNNA class Darla mentioned that people won't finish the project during class, and I privately turned that into a challenge. Turns out that my designing cohorts, Marty Miller and Drew Emborsky, did too. Maybe we get conditioned to crochet for deadlines? The good news is that I did indeed finish with time to spare; the bad news is, I came in THIRD! I'm pretty sure Drew came in FIRST.

If I were a better blogger I'd have a photo here contrasting the 3 potholders done by Drew, Marty, and me, all with size H/5mm hooks: all three potholders were different sizes! It's the infamous "Crocheter's Hand" effect. (None of us were aiming for a stated gauge so it means our native gauges were all different.) Not only that but earlier, I had to rip out the first 4 rows and start over because the class started at 8 a.m. and when do I ever crochet at 8 a.m.? My starting gauge was changing as I warmed up. I wonder if my 8 a.m. gauge would have matched Marty's....


  1. I had to frog a couple of rows, too. That's why Drew came in first :-)

    It was interesting, though, to see all the different sizes of potholders, done with the same size hook. That was a fun class to take. And you're right - Darla is a great teacher!

  2. Anonymous8:10 AM

    I had to frog half of mine three times...and it was uphill both ways... ;)

  3. What a cool technique! Having never seen it before, I'm trying to wrap my mind around it.

  4. Drew - don't forget - it was also in 5 feet of snow!

  5. The illusion is very cool. Amy & I ran into Drew shortly after the class and he was quite proud of his first place finish :)

  6. Drew's potholder would be an interesting addition to a group potholder photo because he used a much smaller hook. Maybe that's his secret. Smaller hook + smaller movements = shorter overall time? But then threadies would be the fastest of all. No, it must be that Drew is simply the superior crocheter.
    Then again, maybe he needed to get it out of the way so that he go back to work on the deadline 'ghan (it finished up beautifully, Drew!)--you can't bottle that kind of adrenaline.

  7. That is great! I've done illusion knitting, but the backside isn't very attractive. That's not a problem with crochet, right? I'm going to have to learn this.

  8. Anonymous7:41 PM

    Is there any book or website that teaches this? I really would like to try!


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