Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TNNA Report #1: Crocheters Unite!

I just returned from The National NeedleArts Association's summer trade show in Columbus OH and I have lots of things to share so this blog entry is one of a series. Yes folks, there's a revolution going on, a groundswell. Spidey senses were tingling! Plans were hatched! A fist pounded a table!
Not only did a CROCHET SUMMIT happen but a galvanizing '60's-style CROCHET-IN electrified the show lounge in the dead center of the room. It's obvious now: there's no keeping crochet down anymore. It's NOT just some supporting player for knits when you need a bag, a belt, an edging. It's NOT just some funky style departure from knitting. (It's all this and waaaay more.) It's NOT okay to leave out the word 'crochet' as if 'knit' is a satisfactory umbrella term and crochet is merely a subcategory. Enough is enough. It's a new day and there's no going back. I can't believe I didn't have my camera but VIDEO FOOTAGE EXISTS. I'll keep you posted on that.
I needed yarn and fast! So I managed to find some nearby yarn company friends and offered to CRIP (Crochet In Public) with their yarn at the Crochet-in. Kathleen Greco of Jelly Yarns graciously donated some striking neon-lime Jelly Yarn, and the folks at Universal Yarn blessed the cause with a ball of their new Tango. Some knitted-up Tango is meeting with raves but crocheting with it seems to be pretty uncharted territory. The exciting design possibilities of this yarn guarantee that I have lots of experimenting to do now that I'm home.
In the case of Jelly Yarn I've got plenty of preliminary swatching under my belt so all I needed to do was decide what to make that would be a souvenir of the event. I knew I'd always treasure a jellyjavajacket. As if I need another one. And yet....as if a collection is complete without one.

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  1. I 'so wish' I was there with you and the Crochtet-In with hooks held high!

  2. I raise my hook in salute!

  3. Anonymous11:06 AM

    It was great, but I sure hope they didn't get video footage of you know who doing you know what!

  4. Sounds like a fabulous time!

  5. Maybe the next event could involve light-up crochet hooks, like 100's of them in a dark auditorium swaying in time to a song or flickering on and off. Or as a parade at night around the convention center to "Take Back the Crochet".

  6. This is a comment on your entire blog. WoW! There is a designer inside of me that longs to come out, but I'm so intimidated that I don't even know where to start.

    I'm going to sit down and read through your blog and do my best to get my hands on those 70's books to see if that can help me.

    Your site is so awesome!!!!!!

  7. Thanks for reminding me of Tango - I'm contacting our Universal Rep today!

  8. Anonymous5:23 PM

    How cool to see all you wonderful designers in one place. But can you give some follow-up to that crochet-in? Did the yarn vendors notice? Did they give any feedback? When will the message reach those big yarn companies that send out weekly newsletters and offer rad new patterns -- for knitted sweaters? We look to the day when they can do that for crochet. Any time frame?

  9. Hi c-mama, your comment sure made my day! It's the kind of comment that I hope every blogger has a chance to get on their blog.
    Regarding your Inner Designer, the best thing you could do is to join CGOA (Crochet Guild of America) as an *Associate Professional*. It doesn't cost anything more than regular membership, so if you're already a member, just contact the guild about designating your membership as *Assoc. Pro.* (you can click on the CGOA link at the upper right corner of this blog.)

    Hi Sheryl! I suspect the buzz hasn't peaked yet about the Tango yarn!

    Anonymous, I'm going to post a followup about that AWESOME CROCHET-IN as soon as I can. Hopefully tonight even. There was a blurb about it at the Yarn Market News blog.

  10. Anonymous4:29 AM

    Good for you guys! LIBERATE THE HOOK!


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