Tuesday, June 05, 2007

TNNA Report #1: Crocheters Unite!

I just returned from The National NeedleArts Association's summer trade show in Columbus OH and I have lots of things to share so this blog entry is one of a series. Yes folks, there's a revolution going on, a groundswell. Spidey senses were tingling! Plans were hatched! A fist pounded a table!
Not only did a CROCHET SUMMIT happen but a galvanizing '60's-style CROCHET-IN electrified the show lounge in the dead center of the room. It's obvious now: there's no keeping crochet down anymore. It's NOT just some supporting player for knits when you need a bag, a belt, an edging. It's NOT just some funky style departure from knitting. (It's all this and waaaay more.) It's NOT okay to leave out the word 'crochet' as if 'knit' is a satisfactory umbrella term and crochet is merely a subcategory. Enough is enough. It's a new day and there's no going back. I can't believe I didn't have my camera but VIDEO FOOTAGE EXISTS. I'll keep you posted on that.
I needed yarn and fast! So I managed to find some nearby yarn company friends and offered to CRIP (Crochet In Public) with their yarn at the Crochet-in. Kathleen Greco of Jelly Yarns graciously donated some striking neon-lime Jelly Yarn, and the folks at Universal Yarn blessed the cause with a ball of their new Tango. Some knitted-up Tango is meeting with raves but crocheting with it seems to be pretty uncharted territory. The exciting design possibilities of this yarn guarantee that I have lots of experimenting to do now that I'm home.
In the case of Jelly Yarn I've got plenty of preliminary swatching under my belt so all I needed to do was decide what to make that would be a souvenir of the event. I knew I'd always treasure a jellyjavajacket. As if I need another one. And yet....as if a collection is complete without one.

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