Thursday, May 03, 2007

Found Some Great Crochet on the 'Net

Just a quick post with links I'm loving:

"Twin artists crochet enormous 'reef'": Margaret and Christine Wertheim. Margaret says, "Coral reefs are, as it were, the canaries down the mine for the global warming system."

Kathleen in Hawaii crocheted an amazing array of leis--some based on real flowers associated with specific Hawaiian islands, some imagined (inspired by the yarn). Her blog shows not only her leis but how they were incorporated into a larger May Day library display!

Some of us crochet designers sure would like to see exactly what Bjork is wearing! We know it's crocheted. It brought to mind the crocheted coral reef for at least one person, and for me I thought of some multicolored ruffled tulle stoles I saw in Vogue about 2 years ago. I looked all over the internet this morning and couldn't find an image though. :-(


  1. I love this Bjork thing -- could it be the next Martha Stewart poncho? Somehow I don't think so. I wonder where she got it and who made it?

  2. It's created by The Icelandic Love Corporation.

    Just amazing. Love the mask.


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