Friday, March 09, 2007

Yikes! It's Nat'l Crochet Month!

It must have sneaked up on me while I was crocheting. We're already 9 days into it so I have some catching up to do! This is a month-long national holiday, people! As a staunch supporter of the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA), and crochet also being my chosen profession, you can imagine that I want to make the most of this month. Not only that but it's also Women's History Month which I celebrate. I'm still high from Black History Month (Feb).

Below is my list of Crochet-tivities so far:
  1. Go to Berroco's poll and be counted! [did it]
  2. Crochet in public (CRIP) more than usual [could have in the bookstore yesterday and didn't]
  3. Walk into a yarn shop with a big smile and say, "Happy National Crochet Month to you!"
  4. Pay a designer for a crochet pattern instead of downloading a freebie
  5. Write to a magazine, yarn company, etc. to tell them how much you appreciate their crochet offerings
  6. Buy lots of yarn [Dee lists special celebration sales]
  7. Try a new-to-me stitch pattern [every day would be cool]
  8. Learn a new crochet technique
  9. Finish a WIP (work-in-progress) or possibly even a PIG (a stalled project-in-grocery-bag)
  10. Try crocheting with a new-to-me fiber [I have yet to try qiviut for example.]
  11. Listen to a new crochet podcast
  12. Crochet something for your child or child's teacher to be used in the classroom so that everybody sees some crochet at school [3/23 update: Done! Photo at my other blog]
  13. Join a crochet-along (CAL); besides my own '70's Crochet Read-Along, I know of a new Ripple-Along and an even newer Granny-Along
  14. Plan ahead for Nat'l Crochet Month 2008 so it doesn't catch me unprepared!

In an attempt to get up to speed, I'm kicking off the festivities with a maple latte and here is a portrait titled Latte with Trip Around the World Crochet Dishcloth (see #7 above).