Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tools of Power

Just received 3 complete sets of Pony crochet hooks:
  • 32-inch circulars in 12 sizes from 2mm-5.5mm
  • 14-inch double-ended/tunisian hooks in 13 sizes from 2mm-6mm
  • 8 plastic "Pony Pearl" hooks up to 10mm
I've accumulated many brands of crochet hooks over the years but these are my first Ponies. Survey the Pony bonanza:
I love the sleek finish of the aluminum hooks and the dense weight of the plastic ones. Between the excellent range of sizes and the quality of materials, that's power, baby.
Since I have some swatching of '70's stitch patterns to do, I now have a fullblown case of Crocheter's Itch. I'll put these hooks to use and report back.
How in the world should I organize, store, and display them? This is the first truly complete set of double-ended & tunisian hook sizes I've ever owned as well as the first circulars ever. I know knitters have storage issues with their circulars so I'm keeping them in their packages until I have a better idea (might have to design something).
If you want to feel the power, look for Ponies at your local yarn shop. If you don't see them, ask the shop owner to order them from Muench --you know, the people who brought us that outrageously sensuous Touch Me yarn.