Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lilly Hats

A shortstack of hats for my mother-in-law, Lilly,

a stylish octagenarian who feels drafts in her ears sometimes. She requested something in offwhite, brown, and black. When I asked her if angora is okay, she gasped then whispered, "Wouldn't that be too expensive?" Nope, not nowadays and not for Lilly. I used cream handspun angora but used a lacy stitch pattern because I didn't want to run out of it; I also alternated some rows with "Hempathy" yarn by E. Lavold because it matched perfectly. I had so much angora left over that I shouldn't have worried. I'm calling it a "Lilly Juliet" and this is not Lilly modeling it, just the nearest person handy.

The brown hat is Caron Simply Soft held together with Fabulous. I expect it to look fabulous with Lilly's hair.

For the black one I went with a vintage chinchilla look (Bernat Boa held together with Lion Brand Microspun). This one can be worn many different ways.
They should cover Lilly's ears even though they don't cover the Buddha's.

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  1. Julian looks cute in that hat but I think James would be stunning in it, really!


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