Monday, February 20, 2012

Quick Update: Crochet Ribbing Comparisons & More

Naturally biases!
Alternating rows of slip stitch
and single crochet.
Hdc in lower third loop;
simply alternate the colors!
I'm buffing and polishing this blog a bit. Isn't the new color scheme refreshing? It's as if I spritzed some tangerine-vanilla room spray.

I'm also trying to figure out how to reproduce my newsletters here. In the meantime I've created a special tab for them (see tabs above this post). Importing the content, especially with the newsletter columns preserved, is surprisingly complicated.

So: crochet ribbing. I have more photos of ribbed crochet stitches that I didn't have room to include in the latest Crochet Inspirations Newsletter issue (#36)

Another slanter.
Half double crochet (hdc; UK: htc
or htr) rows in different loops.
Good to know about ribbings that
 bias, no?
Here's the photo set I've created for them so far. 

UPDATE: See the follow up newsletter issue #37: "When Stitches Lean."
Isn't slip stitch ribbing amazing?


  1. Very refreshing!

    I feel almost treasonous saying this, but I've never found a crochet ribbing I like as well as the knitted variety. I'll have to mess around some more with the slip stitch version and see if I can change that view. :)

  2. I took a slipstitch crochet class from Vashti and the TBL stitch produces a ribbing that is almost indistinguishable from a knit ribbing. It has the same stretch and almost the same appearance as a knit ribbing - amazing!

  3. It is very refreshing! I love the ribbing pictures.

  4. I feel refreshed! It really does look great. And I'm looking forward to seeing your newsletters on the blog. I just came out with my first crochet newsletter yesterday and have been thinking about ways to add the content to the blog in archive format in the future.

  5. Thanks Marie and Kathryn :-)
    So Valerie -- sounds like you're experiencing it the way I am! Hope to see you at the next class.


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