Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm Crocheting Slip Stitch Short Rows...

...and I hope every crocheter will try it. I now have a free pattern for you: 
See the bumpy short row ends along the top edge?
You can make them melt (as they did in the 2nd photo below), or you can emphasize them as a decorative texture (see 4th and last photo below)
called "Slip Slope Scarf." Even if you've already tried crocheting short rows with other stitches like single crochet (sc or UK: dc) or double crochet (dc or UK: tr), give my slip stitch way a try. 
First set of short rows completed. As you can see in the top photo, they melted in nicely
as more rows were added. I should create a mini-video to also show how thoroughly
stretchy it is: not lumpy or tight where the short rows end.
I can't stop! It's an irresistible combo of: 

I love this color effect.
I think it'll become a design
called..."Slippery Fingers"?

  • Fabulous fabric: solid - warm - soft - thin - extra-stretchy - reversible
  • Fascinating color and texture effects
  • Fun stitching progress: I get to stop in the middle of a row and turn around (instead of always going all the way across to the end). And it's easier. I don't have to manage lumps in my fabric like I do if I use taller stitches (by tapering the stitch heights or messing with the turning chains, for example.) I don't have to stop and figure out which loops to work into when I crochet over a short row (like I do when I've tried tapering rows of taller stitches). 

I just plain enjoy the look and feel of these crochet short rows as I go. Is it like this for you too? I hope you'll try it and let me know.

Slip Tectonics, a neck warmer using two kinds 
of slip stitches to create a self-shaping cowl.
See also my newsletter issue about crocheting slip stitch short rows

After I write this, I'll go over to my Crochet Pattern Companion blog and create a photo tutorial for the short row basics.

After Slip Tectonics, I have another pattern coming out using crochet short rows, so if you like the free pattern, keep an eye out for "Thaxton Hood."


  1. This is looking great and I think it's awesome that you're working on a type of crochet that you seem to truly love!!

  2. This looks highly addicting to play with and I think I'll do so! :)

  3. I can't keep up with the ideas that I want to try with these short rows!

  4. Anonymous3:41 PM

    I love it. Gives fireworks in my brain of new possibilities! Thank you for being such a creative mind. Slip tectonics - can't wait - is that going to be the free pattern? I even have the right yarn for it. Great!


  5. I love the pattern name - "slip slope". The few times I've used short rows they've been fascinating and a little frustrating at the same time. Yours look like a lot of fun. Looking forward to the tute.

  6. The tute is up!

  7. O great, I will try it one of these days!!! This is one of the things I really missed in crochet : beautiful short rows!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!

  8. Hello Vasti! I just loved your blog, and your crochet work!!Very very good, very beautiful!!!I invite you to visit my blog too, I'm a begginner in irish crochet but I like to crochet all sort of things...Sunny greetings from Brazil!:-))))

  9. Its soooo beautiful please upload a video demonstrating the pattern pleaseeee


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