Monday, March 14, 2011

A Year Full of Crocheted Accessories! Have a Favorite?

Satin Pillows Necklace
Sterling Boutique Handbag
Tunisian Islander
Onefellswoop FlexMitts
Until I learned this month that I'm a finalist for the Crochet Liberation Front's Best Crochet Designer for Accessories award, I didn't realize how many accessories I designed in 2010! 

I've been staying out of trouble, writing up new crochet patterns, learning how my new website works, and how to make downloadable PDF's look the way I want them to--stuff like that.

I'm still a bit stunned: I'm very honored to be nominated and to share the honor with the other designers in this category.  Makes me wonder if I should write a book of accessories to crochet LOL. I guess these patterns can pile up if one keeps designing them, huh. 

Pallas Scarf
Weightless Tunisian
I don't think of them as "accessories" though. Maybe that's why I didn't realize how many I designed in a year. The crochet jewelry designs, especially necklaces & lariats, feel like they're from a different part of my brain than, say, Tunisian shawls and wraps

Remember that cowl fever I caught? Cowls, mobiae, and scarves are their own thing too. So are handbags, and fingerless gloves

Lovepod Boa
Stitchmerge How-to
(And then that Lovepod Boa, see at left--I don't know which part of the brain that one came from. Is it jewelry worn as a scarf, or vice versa?)

The Crochet Liberation Front created the Flamies Awards about three years ago, and the winners are announced on a special episode of Mary Beth Temple's Getting Loopy podcast. ("Flamies" refers to flaming hooks of justice!)
Chainmaille Cowl-Scarves
Frostyflakes Superpattern

Voting for the Annual Flamies Awards begins this week: March 15. I'm very excited because in only three years it has become the "academy awards" for crocheters. 

Aran Rozsanas Superpattern
1380 Cashmere Picots
Do you have a favorite DesigningVashti crochet accessories pattern?


  1. Oops....I forgot that the handbag in the top left photo was published at the beginning of 2011, not in 2010.

  2. Wow - so prolific! I adore the picots. Good luck on the Flamies!

  3. Thank you! Good luck to you too, I love your blog :-)


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