Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Launch of My New Crochet Patterns Website!?

The new Vashti year has begun because my birthday was February 1st. (It was a blast! My husband and friends threw a surprise party for me and I was in a daze for the next half hour. Lots of birthday wishes rolled in on my Facebook page--I love that.) The next few weeks are all about the final touches of my website for downloadable crochet patterns, in time for the Getting Loopy podcast on February 22. Be sure to tune in, I will be the guest!

I've never done a big crochet website before so things take a little longer than I expect them to. For example, I know how long it takes to produce
one crochet design; but I have six different categories of crochet projects, and they range from beginner level to advanced--patterns for clothing, accessories, children (including educational toys), home decor, etc. I'm looking forward to showing you my new Tunisian crochet patterns too (photo above is a sneak peek; does it look crocheted to you?).

I had to create a whole section just for crochet jewelry! Turns out I have a gazillion designs in me for crocheted bracelets, necklaces, rings, everything. I have tips to share and special projects for them that are unique to jewelry making. It's its own world, really.