Saturday, July 18, 2009

Silk Crochet for the CGOA Conference

I'd better stop what I'm doing and blog now, before I get even busier! My dream is to have something really special to wear to CGOA's Crystal Jubilee 15th Anniversary festivities at the Chain Link conference in less than a month.

I finally decided what I want to crochet with my Tess Yarns Cascade Silk stash yarn: a luxe waistcoat-type garment.

I'm starting off with Tunisian Simple Stitch for the bodice, worked in one piece. I sketched out a paper pattern and am shaping as I go. The right front and armhole of the bodice are completed so far. I'm enjoying the shaping experiments. And, the feeling of silk flowing through my fingers :)

Next will be a marathon swatching event in which I try to create the exquisite edging that I picture in my head, bordering the whole bodice. I did something similar when I designed this published tunic, but I'm picturing a new kind of edging for this silk waistcoat. ::crossing fingers that it will only take 1 afternoon of swatching::

After that, somewhat long panels cascading from the bottom edge of the bodice; their length and specific shape to be determined later. I may embroider the bodice, I may not. Crystals may also be involved, or not.

Actually, the dream is to have something special to wear every day that I'm there but if all I manage to complete is this silk waistcoat, I'll be jubilant.


  1. It sounds luscious! Can't wait to see! :)

  2. Anonymous8:48 PM

    I love seeing pictures of peoples processes. It's really interesting all the different ways designers design.

  3. So far it looks lovely. I'm SURE crystals will be in there somewhere. Can't wait to see it!

  4. I probably won't be able to hold myself back from adding crystals! Doubles the crochet time unless I sew them on after. Could probably do that at the conference....

    Amie--I tend to resort to this kind of pattern mapping when I'm doing set-in sleeves and other fancy shaping. Lily Chin + Garment Designer software got me into the habit!

  5. Everyone will be enthralled with your crocheted design they won't think about whether you sewed the crystals or crocheted them : ))
    ps: invisible thread works wonders!

  6. You know I love this! The sketching idea is genius as well!


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