Storybook Pages

About Storybook Pages

My Storybook Pages are a new kind of blog post. Sure, each page is about one of my crochet designs, which is not in itself new for this blog, but for me as the writer and as a reader of many blogs, it's new. (As the designer, this is the stuff I usually keep in my head.) 

A daily life of crochet design and pattern publishing is my fairytale existence. Each design released to the public is like a character in a fantasy story. Each design has its own destiny, sometimes seen from 'birth,' other times inscrutable until it makes its way in the larger world. Some are princes and princesses born in a castle, others work hard for a living in or out of the castle. And some are visitors from other planets, time warps, and dimensions of reality :-)

So, I experience each Storybook Page as being a biography page of a storybook character complete with links to the 'person's' online scrapbook items. As I write, I see one of those giant gilded books that one sees in fairytales. (Fairy godmothers tend to have them on hand for special spells. Sometimes I think of a crochet pattern as a kind of magic spell.) 

To introduce the first Storybook Page (on the Weightless Stole) I originally ended with:
This fantasy has been with me for weeks, as I fall asleep at night and when the thought comes, "I need to blog more" LOL.