Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crochet in Reno: The CGOA Conference Sep. 12-16 2012

On the way to Reno from Lake Tahoe
I've blogged about several crochet conferences since starting this blog many years ago, so by now it feels like a ritual. It was a special conference and here are some highlights:
  • Highlight of teaching crochet in Reno: a surprise caramel mocha courtesy of new pal Laurinda Reddig!
  • Highlight of teaching Tunisian crochet: 3 BEGINNERS were able to keep up in an ADVANCED skill level class!
  • Another highlight of teaching at Chain Link conference: giving Superfine Jelly Yarn® to my jewelry crochet students
  • ...walking to Walmart in the Nevada sun with Doris Chan to get last minute crochet class supplies
    Doris Chan in her new crochet
    Star Trek dress
    CGOA Crochet Design Booth

    • ...and seeing my pretty logo displayed in the CGOA teachers booth that Doris Chan 
    • Highlight of the Knit and Crochet Show market: The popular Crochet Liberation Front market booth, and seeing Fearless Leader Laurie after so long.
    • I bought reflective crochet-along filament. Can you
    • At Lake Tahoe with Linda Dean (center),
      Margaret Hubert (right)

    • Highlight of Reno's Grand Sierra Resort: so much free bottled water with electrolytes (especially in classrooms).
    • On our way back from Lake Tahoe, had to
      stop for more pics!

    • Tip from Reno resident via Jenny King: Salty food is your friend in Reno -- helps you deal with the altitude and dryness. IT ACTUALLY WORKED for me.
    • Turns out we were just getting warmed up! Dance Party  
    • ...sharing Mai tai drinks—the real and the fake—with Tammy Hildebrand and Linda Dean 
    • ...discussing brands of crochet threads with Kathryn White and Kathie Earle. Yay threadies!
    • ...seeing crochet free former and moderator Jorel again. We bonded in Stitchdiva Jen Hansen's broomstick lace class years ago.
    • ...a fresh ginger martini and Netflix advice with Myra Wood  :)
    • ...comparing with Darla Fanton shades and amounts of the Newton's tencel-linen blend yarn that we both bought
    • ...discussing with Barbara Hynes and Mirtooli how  Jelly Yarn® is trippy bec one can see a stitch's *innards*
    • ...meeting crochet free formers Fermin and Mirtooli and getting swept along into the grand free form group dinner.
    • Free formers rocked the fashion show banquet

    • ...coming home with a special copy of Laurinda Reddig's new Rowan's Learn to Crochet Sampler Afghan book.
    • ...seeing GoCrochet Ellen Gormley and her new Bruges lace crochet designs SHINE on the runway. Go Ellen!
    • Photo ©Ellen Gormley 2012; L to R: Ellen, Jenny King,
      Vashti, at dance party

    • ...introducing two queens to each other: Crochet Liberation Front's Fearless Leader Laurie Wheeler and CGOA president Amy Shelton of Crochetville
    •  I loved the abundant fresh fruit and coffee in the crochet lounge daily! BIG THANKS to Red Heart Yarns and Kathleen Sams.
      If you're in Twitter, an easy way to see what others have tweeted about the conference is to search the hashtag #chainlink2012 or #knitandcrochetshow.


      The June Chain Link conference was held in Manchester, New Hampshire this year. 

      Coming up in 2013, I have the months and cities handy for the summer and fall conferences: Indianapolis, Indiana in July, and Charlotte, North Carolina in early October. I'm already planning to attend the Charlotte conference.