Monday, December 25, 2006

Alert: Crochet Article in knitting magazine

It's a small article and the word "crochet" is buried, making it all the more likely that crocheters will miss this tidbit: in the Winter 2006 issue of Interweave Knits the "bobble yarn" mentioned on the cover is crocheted, then carried along the back as the Andean hats are knitted, and the bobbles show up in patterns of contrasting colors.

This method for adding bobbles of any color anywhere as-u-go merits experimentation by crocheters also!

By the way, the knitting needles used have hooks on the end. It is explained in the article that the hooked ends can be used to pull the bobbles to the front of the work. I had to think that one over for awhile because you can use a hook (i.e. crochet) to create stitches that look like knitted stitches, and I remember a lively discussion once of what defines something as crocheted; is it the tool or the technique? The majority of people went with tool. However in this article's photos, it does look like the people are knitting with two (hooked) needles.