Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winner of Book Giveaway, plus More Stitch Photos

Tunisian Shakti, "Mobi-Dickie" version in bulky yarn
The winner, according to this random number generator, is Colorful Temptations. After I complete this blog post I'll alert the book editor, Robyn Chachula, to release a downloadable copy of the new Simply Crochet book to her. 

Thank you to everyone who entered! I like that my blog visitors from outside of the USA are equally eligible to win because the prize is downloadable.

Tunisian Shakti, "Mobi-Dickie" version in bulky yarn
Meanwhile, here are more photos of the Tunisian crochet stitch I described in the previous post. This one is an experimental möbius (or moebius) cowl--in bulky wool yarn--and a large Tunisian crochet hook! Fast to crochet and pleasantly stretchy. 

Tunisian Shakti"Mobi-Dickie" version in bulky yarn
I'm adding its pattern details to the Tunisian Shakti Scarves Superpattern in case someone would like to try it.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

A Powerful Tunisian Crochet Stitch to Love

Neck Lattice (1 skein!) 
photo ©2011 Vashti Braha
Neck Lattice 
photo ©2011 Interweave Press
I'm giving away a full downloadable edition of the new Simply Crochet   book! 

If you don't know about the main stitch used for Neck Lattice (just published by Interweave Press) and all designs shown in this post, please read on. 

It's one of the two stitches that have liberated my Tunisian crocheting.   (See "Breaking Out of Tunisian Ruts," issue #10 of my Crochet Inspirations newsletter for the other one.)

This amazing Tunisian stitch:
A Shakti Scarf (new design)
shows both sides of fabric

  • Conserves yarnNeck lattice uses ONE SKEIN. So do my other designs based on this stitch. 
  • Loves every Tunisian crochet hook size.
  • Loves a wide range of yarn weights, thicknesses, and textures.
  • Is reversible: looks fabulous on both sides (not always the case with a Tunisian crochet stitch).
  • Is fast to crochet (not always the case with a Tunisian crochet stitch).
  • Singlehandedly creates a sheer, breezy, weightless Tunisian crochet lace. Not only that, it can be stretchy.

[Have you ever used this stitch? Leave a comment on this blog post about it and you'll be entered to win the Simply Crochet e-book. 
You have until tomorrow, Fri. Dec. 9 at 10pm EST to enter.]

Notice in these photos how different the Tunisian crochet stitch can look depending on fibers, yarn weights, hook sizes, and degree of laciness over the years. (I know the photos are arranged weirdly in this post. It's just the way Blogger is sometimes.)

When Interweave Press published the new Simply Crochet book this month, I took stock of my design journey with this unique Tunisian crochet stitch. Neck Lattice, included in this book, was a pivotal discovery for me as a crocheter

Same Neck Lattice pattern and hook size, thicker yarn!
released my early photos of it (including a prototype) this week, and I remembered the exhilaration of discovering its edge-as-you-go latticework. 

And, the wonder of using the yarn that book editor Robyn Chachula chose for me to use--it's the mottled red alpaca one in the two uppermost photos. 

I had only used fingering weight yarn (sock yarn) for it until she sent me a lace weight yarn. I worried at first, but then I loved seeing the design take shape from only one skein. It grew quickly because I used a big Tunisian crochet hook.

A Shakti Scarf (new design)
For all its power, this Tunisian stitch doesn't seem to be one of the basic stitches one learns after the Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss), even though it's easy to do! It's not standardized: it goes by more than one name, and explanations for how to do it vary widely. I've seen it called Extended Knit Stitch, Corded Stitch, Tunisian Knit Single Crochet, Tunisian Shaker Stitch, and "Tunisian Knit Stitch with a chain-1."

Here are my other experiments with this stitch over the past year or soNOTE: several of these are "Shakti Scarves," which are all versions of the same Tunisian Shakti design
A Shakti Scarf (new design)

Tunisian Shakti Scarves crochet superpattern is now available in my DesigningVashti pattern shop, and Ravelry store
A Shakti Scarf (new design)

Islander Wrap

A Shakti Scarf (new design)

A Shakti Scarf (new design)